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Central Texas Paraffin Specialists

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Custom Chemicals is a closely held Texas corporation that has been in operation for over 30 years. We specialize in custom blended products for drilling, production, and reservoir stimulation chemicals. We also offer a complete Blending and Laboratory Facility capable of hydrocarbon and water analysis to determine the specific needs of your project.

We pride ourselves on providing customers with high-quality products, timely personal service and competitive pricing. Our quality services are the driving forces that keep this company moving forward.


 Our offices are conveniently located in Midland and Austin, Texas...

           Servicing all of the United States. 


  Our Services Include:

  • Custom Blended Products for Drilling, Production and Reservoir Stimulation Chemicals
  • Complete Laboratory  Facility Capable of Hydrocarbon and Water Analysis to Determine Specific Needs of Your Project
  • Timely Professional Personal Service
  • Competitive Pricing for Superior Results
  • 24 Hour Contact Number
 Production chemical blends can be manufactured in a variety of field strengths. Just what  percentages of base material blends will be the most cost effective for the end user is determined from the results of our field testing at the wellhead.  We have the capabilities to combine multiple base materials in order to protect the end user from having to purchase a multitude of finished products, and therefore control the problems of the well for less expenditure from the producer.
These products have served us well for three decades, and we are constantly testing in our lab facility for the base materials that will not only successfully perform, but will also be the finished product that saves the operating company the most money. We are constantly striving to make our blended product lines even more cost effective for the end users. A prime example of this endeavor is evident in our Custom Chemicals of Texas "Parramelt" blend which is a paraffin SOLVENT combined with a demulsifier package. This proven blend has literally MELTED the produced paraffin in multiple fields across Texas and New Mexico when utilized via circulating down the annular column. We have seen production values increase dramatically for our customers, as well as eliminate the need for steaming and/or hot oiling when remedial work is required downhole. The "Parramelt" blend will clean all surface equipment: from cleaning flow lines to eliminating build up in gun barrels, separators, with the end result being no more high tank bottoms. The theory is simple; melt the wax so that is goes into the oil column for sale, the solids and water that are encapsulated within are sent into the water column for disposal, and the demulsifier cleans the oil and eliminates any interface. We have a list of satisfied customers that have offered to serve as references to share their success stories regarding the use of our products...we would welcome the opportunity to add your company to this list. We are available and willing to come to your fields and test at the wellhead, tank battery or wherever your worst problems are present... This way you can see in person how our products can alleviate your problematic issues.  Thanks for your considerations...Jim Livingston (cell# 432-528-5636)   




All base materials and proprietary products utilized in each of our  finished products are cataloged and registered by either OSHA (TWA), or have a designated  CAS number which regulates all hazardous materials used . We also provide a complete set of MSDS (material safety data sheets) with all finished product blends. This allows the end user to know the basic make-up of each custom blend , and  the safety and handling procedures associated with that specific product. Our company has maintained USDOT # 1064640 which allows us to legally transport our raw materials, as well as the  finished blended products throughout the United States .